The Fam Damily Room

A few months ago, I mentioned that we were painting our family room. Then, about a month and a half after that, I wrote about buying a new couch. Well, I’ve never followed up on my promises to reveal our progress, and since we ended up making a lot of changes in here, I’d like to show it off.

I don’t have great before pictures, because I never actually took any meant for that purpose. But here are a couple shots that show off the true beauty of this room as we inherited it from the previous owners.

Wood paneling, cheap-o boring tan curtains, and an annoying collection of tschotskes:

Wood paneled walls, cheap-o boring tan curtains, an annoying arrangement of tschotkes

Ok, so the tschotskes and curtains did not come from the previous owners, but my cheap-o tan curtains were actually an upgrade from the polyester monstrosities that had to have been hanging up since 1970.

Originally, we were going to leave this room in its paneled-wood glory. We remodeled every other room in our house over the course of our three years here, and the thought of starting over in yet another room was a major turn off.  We told ourselves that the paneling was even a little charming in its way – it gave the back room a very den-like feel.

But then, last Spring some time, Chris got to thinking about how much more we’d like the room if we painted it something lighter. I agreed, of course, but reminded him of all that work. It won’t be that bad, he said, if I don’t have to paint the trim. Here’s what I was thinking: But I really like white trim, and I really really don’t like ’70s orange-brown trim. And here’s what I said: Okay.

We picked out a very neutral off-white color and got started with the priming and painting over Memorial Day weekend.

However, one thing always leads to another, and once you start painting a room, you begin seeing all the other things you want to change, too.

The cheap-o boring tan curtains had to go. Really, or they would have blended into the walls. Unfortunately, nice looking curtains are quite expensive, and I’m cheap. After scouring every store that I could imagine carries curtains online and finding nothing, I picked up these plain navy floor lengths from Ikea. (For ten bucks a panel. Score.)

Clearly, I couldn’t leave them like this, so I got a little crafty. I made a stamp and bought some fabric paint.

By the third panel, I wanted to shoot myself in the foot. I will never ever do this again, I promised myself. But I probably will.

And you remember our big couch splurge, right?

Here’s a shot of our old sectional to refresh your memory:

We also built some shelves in the nook between the built-in cabinets and added some new art to the walls.

And here’s the finished room! (Finally, right?)

Well, that’s it. We’re so glad we bit the bullet busted out the paintbrushes because now it is one of our favorite rooms in the house.

I’m pretty happy with it!

(Before you say it: I don’t like the brown trim either. 🙂 )


4 responses to “The Fam Damily Room

  1. I love it! The curtains are absolutely amazing…I’m so impressed! The room looks so much bigger with the light walls. And I LOVE the little nook/shelves!

  2. The cutest part is still your pregnant belly 🙂

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