Charlotte enjoyed her first fall-ish day in a cozy DePauw hooded sweatshirt. (Thanks Jenny and Chris!) She looks so good in DePauw gear – perhaps we have a future Tiger on our hands?

This is the face Charlotte will make when she opens her DePauw acceptance letter in 17 years.

Charlotte has a very fun laundry basket that is fully equipped with wheels. It also folds her clean clothes for us. No, wait: that was the babysitter this afternoon. (What? Babysitters fold laundry? We didn’t ask her to do that! We won the babysitter lottery.)

The real reason laundry baskets have wheels is so that little Sproutlings can sit atop the warm, fluffly clothes and take a spin around the family room.

(Warning: Long video, lots of high/silly voices)



2 responses to “Weee!

  1. Just got up…Watching this video put a smile on my face and giggles in my heart! Thanks!!!!!

  2. Ahhhh I love her!!!

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