Nine in, nine out

Charlotte is nine months old today! From here on out, we can officially say that she has more life experience outside the womb than in it. It’s hard to believe that this parenting journey (to be cliche) began eighteen months ago, and that the the little creature that lived inside of me and who we didn’t really know is now Charlotte – the daughter that we know so well and love so much. Of course, I loved her while I was pregnant, and I knew her as well as anyone can know someone they’ve never met, but I couldn’t have known how much our feelings would grow since then. I am certainly a different person than I was nine months ago, and I think Chris would say the same.

Charlotte is quite a different person now, too. Nine months ago she didn’t even have a personality. Luckily, she got working on that right away and developed a pretty good one if you ask me.

(Eighteen months ago, Charlotte didn’t even have a head! I’m very relieved that she ended up with one of those.)

When I see a newborn now, it’s hard for me to remember Charlotte ever being so small and helpless. But she was.

Fast forward nine months, and our girl is practicing standing, walking, and sitting on shoulders!

Someone loves Daddy.

Mama's okay, too.

Happy birthday, Moomsey! We love you so!

Biting her upper lip with her (only) two bottom teeth.


3 responses to “Nine in, nine out

  1. I love reading your blogs each day….It’s fun to see all of Charlotte’s adventures and your commentary on her life!!! She is a precious little angel and is so lucky to have such special parents!

  2. Thank you, Bobbi! I’m happy you enjoy the blog…I really enjoy doing it. 🙂 I also enjoy seeing the pictures of your cute little guys! We are both so lucky!!

  3. I’m glad Charlotte ended up with a head too!!!

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