Flaugh Attack

Charlotte was lucky to have all of her grandparents visit her this weekend! My parents and brother were here from Friday night to Saturday night, Amy and Bob were here on Sunday, and Ben and Christine came on Monday. We’ve had a lot of visitors since last December, but I don’t think we’ve had seven in three days ever. Charlotte is quite the Popular Patty. She is also Little Miss Loved.

On Monday, Charlotte started fake laughing. Well, it isn’t really fake laughing per say; it’s more like forced laughing. She discovered she can do this when she’s really happy and excited, and I think she must realize that it conveys the way she feels because she does it all the time now. Plus, she gets a lot of positive attention, so I’m sure she enjoys that, too. We’ll call it flaughing.

She was flaughing nonstop when we were sitting in Saloon enjoying happy hour appetizers and beverages. Something about the combination of sitting in a high chair, nibbling black beans, dropping puffs on the floor, early ’00s Jack Johnson music, and watching waitresses walk by must have been like baby catnip. Charlotte was one happy beansprout.

This is what the beansprout looks like when she flaughs:

Wow, life is great! Woo hoo!

And this is what she sounds like: (the first 15 seconds of the video)

One more thing…Charlotte also debuted a new “word” (okay, sound): “La La


3 responses to “Flaugh Attack

  1. What a stitch!!

  2. she’s hilarious!!

  3. Best picture ever!!!!!!!!!!!1

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