Big Fuzzy Friend

Just when we were getting used to the cooler (well, just less hot) weather…

School let out at 1:20 today due to our 104 degree heatwave. Before you get jealous of my shortened work day, you should know that our early outs are always only for the kids. Teachers are expected to stay and work until the end of our contracted day, or else take emergency leave or leave without pay if we choose to get out early. I stayed until 3 and took the last hour off to enjoy some tator tots and spirits with fellow teachers. Oh, and I brought the baby to the bar. She was a hit. And she loooooved the tots. (Don’t fret; no spirits for me. I may be crazy enough to bring my baby to a bar, but I’m no drinker and driver.) If tomorrow is another scorcher we might have another early release. Do you think we’d be that lucky? It does put a damper on my exquisite lesson plans, however…

On Tuesday night I went to a pilates class at a studio close to our house. I went with a few other teachers, and boy was I terrible. You know those muscles around your belly button? I think they’re called…abs? Well, it’s been confirmed that I’ve lost mine. I’ll be going to pilates more often in order to hopefully find them again. It may take awhile; they are really good hiders.

Remember when I told you that Chris, Charlotte, and I visited our friends and their new baby, Madeline, last Sunday? Today, Carla sent me these pictures John took of Charlotte with Madeline’s new teddy bear. This bear is big enough to eat the babies whole. He wouldn’t though – he’s a vegetarian.




One response to “Big Fuzzy Friend

  1. Charlotte and the bear….such cute pictures.

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