More of Charlotte and Danger

After eight and a half sick-free months, Charlotte’s caught her first cold. Actually, since I haven’t written in three days, I should say that she’s both caught and beaten her first cold. Yup, Mr. Nose Snot already received his eviction notice and is just about packed up and outta there. Charlotte’s fast-acting immunity sounds a lot like someone else’s I know. coughMEcough. Excuse me for a moment while I go toot my own horn.

Okay, enough of that. Charlotte’s first night with her stuffy nose (Tuesday) was rough. She is so used to breathing through her nose at night, and having to keep her mouth open probably felt unnatural and strange to her. She woke up every couple of hours needing her snot suctioned out (with the bulb thingy) and a lot of soothing. Our poor baby.

Luckily, the next night she was already on the mend and she slept from 6:00 until after 7 this morning. She’s been in bed for two hours already tonight and we haven’t heard a peep. I’m crossing my fingers that we’re in the clear.

In other news, our new babysitter is starting tomorrow afternoon. We really liked the girl we had last semester, but her class schedule doesn’t work with what we need this year. When you use university students, you just have to expect a lot of turn-around, I guess. That’s okay; we are growing a huge list of back-up options.

I think our new girl will be great. She’s certified in both infant CPR and first aid, which officially makes her more qualified to care for Charlotte than we are.


Charlotte plays with Danger.

Is it bad that I let her play with a cord for a couple minutes? It was just so cute. Perhaps a better question is, Is it bad that I took pictures of my baby playing with a cord and am now sharing them on the internet??

For those of you tsk -tskers, here’s a photo of Charlotte playing with something just a little bit safer:

This is almost as fun as that cord.


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