Little Renesme

Charlotte’s “scoolling” (the scooting/rolling combo) is morphing into what I call “scootling.” Or, for all you numbers people out there, two parts scoot with one part roll. Scootling is an even more efficient way of leading her to her favorite thing: Danger. Today, she scootled over to the dogs’ cage twice. Once (when Daddy was watching her, mind you) she even got the bowl out of it. This rates higher on the Grossness Scale than it does the Danger Scale, but the way she was eying that prize (the dog bowl) locked behind the door of the cage reminded me of the Twilight vampires. You know, when their eyes get all red after they’ve just (attacked and) eaten.

Oh, Bella, I want you, but if I get too close, I might kill you! Agony!

Luckily, babies are easily distracted by pretty much everything, and I was able to snap her out of her dog bowl trance to turn around and smile for a picture.

How could I possibly compare this sweetling to a Twilight vampire? I am so overdramatic. Anything for a good story.

Do you see the remote at the bottom of the picture? That’s where Charlotte scootled from just moments earlier. See, she does get around!


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