So long, Summer

Despite what I’ve been telling myself over the past ten weeks, summer does not last forever, and one day I’ll even have to return to work. Well, that “one day” is (deep breath) tomorrow. The thought of leaving Charlotte every day is even harder now than it was last January 31 when my maternity leave was up.

Here are my theories as to why I’m a little more sentimental these days:

  • Last time, summer was only four short months away. And I thought about that a lot. Now, it’s nine point five months until summer. That’s a full pregnancy. And I wasn’t pregnant long enough ago to forget just how long nine months can feel.
  • I’m full-time this year, whereas last year I was 80%. That’s only an extra hour per day, but it’s also one more hour before I can get home to Sproutling. 
  • Charlotte is a lot more interesting/ fun now than she was at 8 weeks old. I mean, come on. Have you heard this baby’s laugh? It’s insane how much I love her…
  • …dare I say that I could love her even more now than I did six months ago? I like to think that I loved her 100% when she was born (which is a lot, remember), and every month I add another 100% to that. So now I love her 800%.

But all day I’ve been forcing myself not to dwell on how much I’ll miss Charlotte tomorrow (and the rest of the week, month, SCHOOL YEAR). And actually, avoidance really works for me. In fact, when I don’t think about youknowwhat-ing youknowwho, I’m actually excited to start up another school year. And why shouldn’t I be? I have the best job at the best school in the best district. I have the best principal, the best co-workers, and the best students. I also have the best vacations and the best (non)commute.  I don’t have the best classroom because it’s small and un-airconditioned, but that’s forgivable because of the aforementioned long list of bests. And no, my opinion is not biased. 

I’m realizing this post is sounding a little bipolar. One minute I’m lamenting the end of summer and the next I’m getting revved up about having the awesomest ever job. I suppose I am feeling a little bipolar about it all.

Chris took these pictures of Sprouty and me today.


Strong stander.


Since I have to be at work in nine hours, I should probably get off the computer and go to bed. I’ll make sure to post something tomorrow so you all know I survived. 🙂


One response to “So long, Summer

  1. Best of luck to you tomorrow! Your day at work will probably go VERY quickly and then you can get home to that wonderful little one!

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