Tractor Girl

Chris has been dying to get pictures of Charlotte on the tractors at Grandma Pat’s farm. So since we are in Boone/Beaver/Kelley visiting family one last time before school starts up again, we had to snap a thousand tractor/Charlotte pictures in her most appropriate shirt from Uncle Mike.

Hanging out in the biggest wheel in the world.


World's youngest driver.


Baby buddy rider.


Well, at least two of us are looking...

Seriously, a farm is probably one of the most fun places in the world for a kid. And adults can enjoy it too, as long as they don’t have to work on it. Actually, I think Buddy and Luna had more fun than any of us. They ran around like hooligans: chasing critters, exploring the grounds, and riding in the back of the Gator. Buddy’s looking a little depressed today – the on-leash walks along the sidewalk just aren’t up to par, I suppose.

Maybe we’ll have to buy a non-working city farm in the future. (Is there such thing? There should be.)




One response to “Tractor Girl

  1. Ahhh so cute!!! I don’t know who looks happier while driving the tractor…Chris or Charlotte

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