Super 8

On her eight month birthday today (Gasp!), Charlotte spent yet another hot summer day playing with the same old toys indoors. She may be a child genius, but she doesn’t have the life experience to realize that, as far as birthdays go, this one was pretty yawn-worthy.

To illustrate, you know your day is uneventful when the following make the blog:

1) Charlotte ate her first veggie burger today, and she loved it. Like mother like daughter.

2) Later, she bonked her forehead with her toy, but was consoled by the wonders of an orange spoon.

Who got hurt? Me? No way, I'm fine!

Baby Clown

3) And, because of her outfit, I made Chris pose in this picture before his softball game tonight:

(This picture makes me think: Wouldn’t it be cute/perfect if Charlotte ends up playing softball in school, and then, at her senior banquet, we contribute this picture to the slide show? See, that’s why it’s important to have a picture for every occasion: you never know what she’ll need for her senior slide show(s).)

So, we didn’t have pony rides or a three-tiered cake, but every day is so special with her, even the boring ones. Plus, I have to save up all my grand ideas for December…



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