Mouthy Melodies

It probably seems like we only take videos when Charlotte is eating (which is almost true these days), but you would too if eating was this hilarious in your house.

This child loves making funny noises. She blows raspberries, sticks her tongue out and spits, fake coughs, and most recently, smacks her lips. She discovered this talent while eating a blueberry pear combo this afternoon. It must have been dee-licious. 

Here’s the full version:

And here’s the super short version, for those of you who prefer to cut straight to the chase:

See the little furry friend in the background of the first video? That’s our first daughter, Luna, who we finally took back from her long-term babysitter, my mom. She has been living in Glen Ellyn since Charlotte was born, and while my mom would love to keep her around forever, it was time to bring her home. (My dad may have had something to do with that decision. 🙂 ) Buddy was so happy to see her when we got home –  his little tail was going 100 miles an hour as he tried with all his might to get her to wrestle and play. Luna wasn’t having any of that though. Apparently, she became too cool for that stuff since last December. Also, she got fat. Hence, Operation Lose It Luna is underway.* (This might prove difficult considering Luna does not like to go outside…Minor detail.)

We’re happy to have our chubby, sweet, sleepy, bad breathed, snuggly pup back.

Role reversal

*Note: I acknowledge that Luna’s weight gain is not dogsitter/Grandma Meg Bremer’s fault. Luna just has an unfortunately slow metabolism. She is also lazy and likes to eat.


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