Future Heartbreaker

My cousin/Charlotte’s aunt, Amanda, has been here since Wednesday, and we are having so much fun. We have baby playtime in the morning/early afternoon, go out and suffer through the heat in the late afternoon and evening, then stay up way too late laughing at pictures we took with a wooden backscratching hand.

Yesterday we drove out to Kalona, which is an adorable little Amish town about 20 miles away. We dressed Charlotte up appropriately in one of her new outfits from Uncle Mike.

Uncle Mike, here are those pictures you requested:

Oh wait, you can't read the whole message....

Born 2 Farm

Cute, huh? Charlotte says, “mamamamama,” which can be interpreted to mean, “Thank you, Uncle Mike.” I can’t wait to get a picture of her up in a real tractor, and I’m excited she’ll have such a fun place to run around and explore when we visit.

Oh, and here’s a close-up of her new shorty shorts:

One of Daddy's nightmares.

Charlotte has too many cute clothes to handle. Since packing away those that don’t fit her is unnecessarily heartbreaking, I decided that we’ll just have to have another daughter so that I don’t have to “say goodbye” to them forever just yet.

That probably sounds silly, but I am being very serious. Hand-me-downs don’t just save money, they save nostalgic mommy hearts.

(Eeek, that was corny. Pretend you didn’t read that.) 


One response to “Future Heartbreaker

  1. Awww I feel the same way and I’ve only packed away a few onesies!!!

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