Staring Contests

Charlotte and I spent Sunday afternoon at our friends, Carla and John’s, baby shower. There we met baby Natalie, who was born on December 8, just one day after Charlotte. We plopped the babies on the floor and watched them play sit there and look at each other. Who knew that watching babies look at each other could be so entertaining. I mean, come on, just look at these two.

So, how do you feel about nap time?

Many of you have already seen some of these fabulous pictures, and they are all courtesy of Chad, Natalie’s dad, who has a really fancy camera and some mad pho-tag skillz. Charlotte was as in awe of this camera as I was.

Hey Charlotte, you dropped your jaw on the floor.

Since I was (loosely speaking) the hostess of this shindig, Charlotte and I were there for about five hours. And guess who was a perfect angel despite missing her noontime nap?

It's me, it's me! Angelita.

Here’s Angelita with the Mommy-to-be, Carla.

Baby girl Pudwill due August 4th!

Today, Charlotte went back to Carla and John’s so that Chris and I could go see Harry Potter (Loved it. Sad it’s over.). Apparently, Charlotte had a fifteen minute meltdown about thirty minutes after we left. She cried herself to sleep, then woke up fifteen minutes later smiling. Carla and her mom said she was crying because she was around too many Asians. That made me laugh. Hard. I think it’s because she hasn’t been with a sitter in two months. Carla and I decided we’d take turns babysitting for each other when their baby is old enough. Sounds like the start of something beautiful. And yeah, Charlotte having a new friend will be pretty great, too.


5 responses to “Staring Contests

  1. I hope she wasn’t too traumatized with her crying. Still love her and she is still a little angel!!! She just wanted her Mommy, understandably. But maybe next time she’ll know that Mom’s coming back. 🙂

  2. I was going to guess that you were a perfect angel without your nap. Guess you must have been a big grump, then.

  3. I was. I threw a tantrum because no one got me any gifts (a la Kristin Kelly circa 1989).

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