Things with Spanish Nicknames

Charlotte was irresistibly adorable all day today. I couldn’t stop myself from taking too many pictures.

Yep, I'm cute when I play on the floor.

Oh dear. There she goes with the camera and high voice again.

You can take me anywhere. That's one reason why Mommy calls me Angelita.

Why is everybody looking at me? Do I have food in my tooth?

As for Tooth Numero Uno (or T1 for short), it is now a clearly defined bumpy white line in her gum that I can see when she opens her mouth to laugh. I still can’t get a picture because every time I try to pull her lip down to look at it, she tries to lick me.

T1 doesn’t seem to be bothering her much pain-wise any more. Actually, she’s been back to her usual happy self pretty much all week. The worst of it must have been just when the tooth was breaking through the gum last weekend. Here’s hoping the first tooth really is as bad as it gets, and the rest of our teething experience is smooth sailing! 🙂


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