Kong Kuddles

We’re trying not to turn her highchair into a play place, but it’s just so easy. It wheels from room to room, she loves sitting up high, and she’s strapped in. Also, she loves the thrill of taking the tray off. It must be like riding with the top down in a convertible.

On an unrelated note, Charlotte and I were on the floor this evening just doing our own things before I put her to bed. I was a little too engrossed in my email while Charlotte lay next to me, playing with the pile of toys I had scattered around her. Or so I thought. Apparently, one of Buddy’s toys got tossed into the mix because, the next time I looked over (which wasn’t that long since the last time, a couple minutes maybe), she was snuggling Buddy’s rubber Kong across her face. In case you don’t have dogs at home (or are mean and don’t buy them toys), Kongs are hollow rubber snowmen-shaped tubes that are meant to hold treats for dogs to lick out. Gross. And so not huggable.

At least she didn’t have it in her mouth, right?*

*Yes, yes, I know – she probably at least licked it before I looked over. But since I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen, okay?


One response to “Kong Kuddles

  1. Haha she looks soo cute in her highchair! I love it!

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