Simply Entertaining

Since Charlotte loves to chew on her pacifiers, I just knew she’d love this “RaZberry” teether.

When I stuck it in her mouth the other day, she was expecting a normal pacifier, and why wouldn’t she? I wish you could have seen her face when she felt this bumpy thing in her mouth. It went from yay, my pacifer! to what the?! to hmmm to ooohhhh, I get what I can do with this in a matter of seconds.

Then the gnawing commenced.

This is what I call a good time.

And because I tend to do this, I clicked over to video mode and started recording.


Our days are filled with simple pleasures. 


2 responses to “Simply Entertaining

  1. What a cutie! Love it!

  2. Thanks, Carla! Baby P will need one, too, when the time comes. 🙂

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