Our New Family (Room) Member

After hitting up all the furniture stores in the area, as well as obsessively checking Craigslist and other online options, Chris and I handed over our credit cards this evening for a brand new sofa. Though we’d thrown around the idea of getting new couch a once or twice over the past year or so, it was always only wouldn’t-it-be-nice wishful thinking. We were never serious because our current couch is fine. But then we painted the family room. And then we got new curtains. And we built our own shelves. And I started spray painting things…

So four days ago, we decided: Let’s get a new couch. This is how we make huge financial decisions, I’m realizing. We weren’t even considering buying a place in March 2008, but by the end of April, we were closing the deal on this house. I’m still not sure how that happened.

We posted an add on Craigslist, and within two days, our current couch was sold. Tomorrow, we’ll be couch-less after its new owner comes to pick it up. And today we’re down X hundred bucks. (But the new beaut does have a lifetime warranty.)

Let me tell you about our current couch. It’s a black leather sectional with two built-in recliners. My mom bought it for us from my aunt and uncle five years ago when we first moved to Iowa. It’s huge and comfy and way nicer slash more expensive than anything we could have can buy ourselves.

I will miss you, Couch. Too bad we don't have a finished basement for you to live in.

If it’s so great, why are we selling it? Well, we were so taken with the way the new lighter paint color made the room feel so much bigger, that we decided a smaller sofa would take it all a step further. We’d have more options for furniture arrangement, and you might actually be able to see the room, rather than just seeing black couch everywhere. Plus, I’m getting pickier in my old age, and I’m not so into the puffy furniture look. I’m a minimalist at heart; I like straight lines and low profiles.

This is what will be arriving at our front door in 25 days:

Our new addition.

(Ugh. This picture does not do it justice. It is actually a charcoal-y brown color, and the fabric is really soft and textured. Also, it is coooomfy. Also also, I chose much better fabric for the pillows – they have yellow in them. Also #3, it looks less boring in person, AND we’ll get to add a fun wing back chair with a fun patterned fabric (that I’m going to attempt to upholster myself) to the room.)

When I said that the decision to buy a new couch was hasty, I did not mean that the decision to buy this couch was. We sat on a lot of sofas. We spent two hours looking at fabrics for another couch at another store last night, and tonight, we even paid for a different couch, walked out of the store, then walked right back in and changed our minds. In the end, we got what we wanted. And I only feel slightly concerned that the decision to buy this couch was tougher than buying a home, car, having a baby…

I realize I went on and on (and on) about buying a new sofa. Sorry. Unless you count our bed from Menards, this is our first big furniture purchase. We like to do things out of order around here.

Quick poll: Do you say couch or sofa? I think the word couch is like a big hairy dog in a furniture store – you never see it. I say couch.

Update: This pic off the company website does a better job showing the shape of the couch, if you care. Plus, I also choose yellowy-gold patterned pillows.


5 responses to “Our New Family (Room) Member

  1. Yeah, buying furniture is a pain! So hard to decide. Where did you guys end up buying?

    • We ended up getting it from Simpson in Coralville. It was the most expensive, but it’s worth having something that we like and will know will last.

  2. Love it! So, I’m sleeping with you and Chris, eh? 🙂

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