Make Sure You Get My Good Side

I’ve decided that framing and displaying my childrens’ silhouettes is a must-do for both posterity and cuteness’s sakes. And with the magic of the internet, you can find inspiration for so many creative things to do with them. Like this. Or this. This, too. And this one is too presh not to mention. I think I could handle any of those projects, but if not, I could always stick with the classic, I’ve framed my kid’s profiles and hung them on the wall look.


This picture of Sprouty with our cousin, Jen, taken last week at Barone’s reminded me of my impending silhouette crafting. This pic is definitely a contender for the job. I think the cheek overhang adds such a nice touch.

Picture Perfect

Is it just me, or is that not the most perfectly shaped head you’ve ever seen? Yes, it’s that round all the way around.


One response to “Make Sure You Get My Good Side

  1. Of course it’s a perfectly shaped head!!!! The ideas are so cute!!!

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