Happy Bappy

This afternoon, Charlotte was baptized in front of much of her family at St. Pets in Glen Ellyn. I had no idea what to expect from the baptism because all I was told was to show up at 1:00 with the baby, which I did. Chris and I decided afterward that we were very happy with the service. It was separate from mass, and there was a lot of moving from place to place (for everyone, not just the parents and babies) in the church for different parts of the baptism. The deacon who ministered the baptism was also very nice and enthusiastic despite visibly sweating through his robe. And though it lasted an hour, it didn’t seem drawn out or boring. Not to us at least.

I decided against putting Charlotte in a big froofy (I think I just made that word up) white gown, not because I think they are an unnecessary expense but because I thought she’d be much more comfortable in a cute sundress. I was right. Charlotte looked scrumptiously cute and was the happiest little chirping bird the entire hour. As a side note, the baby next to us was wearing a looooooong satin monstrosity and cried throughout the service probably because she was too hot in our not-so-well air conditioned church.

Here is Charlotte with Mommy and Daddy in her bonnet/future wedding hankie:

I'm going to pull this bonnet off in about three minutes.


Then the deacon blessed her (or something):


And she got water and oil poured on her head:

But I already had a bath today!


Great-grandma Margaret put her new baptismal bib on her afterward.

I'm baptized!


Here she is with her godparents, Uncle Mike and Auntie Jenn. It’s a little blurry. It all must have been too exciting to be still.

Wow, Chris.


Afterward, we had cake and spirits at my dad’s house, where we endured the ninety plus degree heat and Charlotte refused a nap for the next six hours. Right now, if the phrase “sleeping like a baby” was in the dictionary, you’d see a picture of Charlotte sprawled in her pack n’ play. And if you could smell the pictures in this dictioary, you’d smell the spicey oil she still has stuck in her hair. And if you could taste this dictionary…no, just kidding. I’m done.


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