Triple Seven

HaPpY bIRthDaY, sPrOut!!!

Oh my goodness, Charlotte is seven months old today. Seven months old on the seventh day of the seventh month. I think that’s pretty special.

I think she’s pretty special, too. This past month, she’s learned how to sit up on her own, has become the chattiest little Cathy, is eating and enjoying lots of pureed fruits and veggies, is getting more and more ticklish on her neck and tummy, can stand up with help, and is getting closer and closer to crawling. She is also getting a little Mommy-attached and is learning how to throw a little tantrum when she’s cranky and unhappy about something. Her “tantrums” involve a little closed-mouth squeal and stiffening up her body. Luckily, she’s still happy 98% of the time, but when she’s like this, I call her my Stinkweed. Or Stinker foos. (Foos is how Chris and I say “fuss,” remember? Yes, we’re I’m weird.) I guess pitching a fit is just part of growing up, and we’re happy she’s doing that, sentimentality aside.

In honor of her birthday, Charlotte was spoiled today by her great-grandma, Mimi. She got a baptism bonnet, teething toy, a ca-uuuute hair bow, and a puppy in a purse. Doesn’t she look good wearing her new pet/purse?

Just call me Posh Spice. Wait, don't. I actually smile.

Then she played on the floor with her real puppy, Luna. Luna is so sweet and adorable with Charlotte. She rolls her her back next to her to let Charlotte pet grab her belly. And she doesn’t mind when Charlotte pulls her ears, facial hair, paws, etc. Somehow, Luna is still interested in being Charlotte’s friend.

Pretty girls posing.

Checking each other out.

Puppy playtime.

We are so proud and so in love with our baby girl!


2 responses to “Triple Seven

  1. Amanda calls Jacob “Sprout” sometimes too and “Nugget”! Very cute video of Luna and Charlotte…I especially LOVE Charlotte’s trick at the end of the video….did you feed her bananas again???

  2. Haha! No bananas, it was squash this time…but she did like it!

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