Busy Bees, or should I say “Dees”?

Since Chris went back to Iowa for a few days, Charlotte and I are trying to keep busy so that we forget about how much we miss him. Even though we don’t have a car, we’ve Charlotte has managed to lure enough people in to keep us occupied. Today we shopped with Mimi and had lunch with Mimi and Aunt Beth. Yesterday, Amanda came over, and Tuesday we had lunch with my mom, Mimi, and my second grade and kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Kane. I’m supposed to call her Bobbi now (you know, since I grew up), but I always have to remind myself to do so. 🙂 (I’ll get used to it one of these days, Bobbi!) Actually Mrs. Kane Bobbi worked with Mimi at Ben Franklin Elementary, worked with my mom at Lincoln Elementary, and taught me for two years at Lincoln. And now she knows Charlotte, too! Isn’t that cute? It was fun to see my teacher again and look at pictures of her adorable grandson, Jacob (Charlotte’s future boyfriend?).  I should have remembered to bring a camera….Silly me. Next time.


2 responses to “Busy Bees, or should I say “Dees”?

  1. Another very special blog! We’re leaving town tomorrow morning…enjoy the rest of your time with family and next time we have a chance to get together we’ll have those cameras flashing!

  2. Thanks, Bobbi! Enjoy your trip!

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