Baby, You’re a Firework

We had a great fourth (and third) of July in Glen Ellyn, and the good times are still rolling as Charlotte and I are here until Monday! Here are a few highlights of our holiday weekend.

First, the Bremer family reunion at my dad’s house on the 3rd. There were close to a hundred people there, all of whom are descendants from my great-great grandparents’ nine children. Charlotte got to meet her Aunt Micki, Uncle Matt, cousin Jennifer, and Great-grandma, Kiki. I didn’t do a great job taking pictures, but I did get a couple of Charlotte playing with some of her adorable cousins. Keyword some. I wish I got pictures of the other cuties so I could prove to the world just how adorable Bremer children are.

Charlotte and Rylan, moments before Rylan plucked C's sucker out of her mouth and put it in hers.

Grant, Charlotte, and Natalie. Can you tell which one likes to pose for the camera?

Chris captivated the little boys (there were about three of them, ages 2 – 5ish) by telling them all about fireworks. Thus, Chris became Grant’s new best friend of the night, following him everywhere and eating up everything Chris said. Chris told me later, “It made me think that I’d like having a little son someday.” Awww. (Just don’t behead me if you don’t get one, okay Chris?)

Then we played with sparklers. Charlotte was impressed. Future pyro?

I would like to touch this, but daddy keeps pulling it away.

On the fourth, we watched the parade, and Charlotte sat on lots of laps.

Charlotte and Grammy

With Grandpa

Eating sunglasses on Kiki's lap

Hi Aunt Mikki!

No, she didn't sit on Superman's lap.

Later, we headed over to other great-grandma, Mimi’s, house, where more lap-sitting ensued.

Charlotte and Aunt Susan

Cub twins. Making faces with Uncle JR.

Finally, she commenced the evening by falling asleep on Uncle Joe.


Tomorrow, Charlotte will be seven months old. I think I might have a heart attack.


2 responses to “Baby, You’re a Firework

  1. Grant LOVED Chris and all his firework knowledge:) We had a great time popping fireworks on the driveway on the 4th thanks to him! So good to have seen you guys! And that girl is even cuter in person!

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