Sleeves Full of Tricks

Charlotte isn’t on to all of our little tricks yet. She doesn’t know that mashed up veggies are not the greatest tasting foods in the entire world. She doesn’t know that we turn our cell phones off before letting her play with them (so she doesn’t call China or 911) even though the cool sounds they make is the only reason she really likes them, and she doesn’t know that half the reason we let her snuggle between us in the morning is so that she’ll sleep in just a little bit longer. Another trick she doesn’t know? Sometimes play time is really exercising in disguise.

Yesterday, we had playtimethatisreallyexercise so that Charlotte could practice standing on her chubby little legs. We’re working on developing some muscle beneath those adorable fat rolls.

Playtimethatisreallyexercise is actually very fun. In fact, like the mashed up veggies, it may just be the best thing ever.

I look like a big kid (but with no hair and a pacifier).

See my shirt? It's true.

Hair for me to pull, yay!

Mmmm, you must use Herbal Essences.

You're tickling me!

Keep tickling me and I'll pull harder!

Ooooh, glasses...

Speaking of glasses, Chris just ordered a new pair, and we are now officially broke. Tonight, please pray that Charlotte doesn’t need them. And while you’re at it, also pray that she doesn’t need braces. Oh, and I’d also like a cleaning lady and personal chef.


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