They’re White Mountains, Your Majesty

After ten days away from my computer (and home), we are back in Iowa and I am back to uploading pictures and videos to post here. I was able to do a couple posts while in Colorado because Chris brought his computer, but uploading pictures on his is a pain, so I gave up pretty quickly on that. I don’t like looking at the little calendar to the right and seeing so many days without posts, so I better get crackin’ typin’ for the remainder of this month.

We are very thankful for Chris’s Dad, Ben, and his wife, Christine, for inviting us along to Breckenridge, Colorado this past week. Chris and I went with them five years ago right after we graduated from DePauw, so it’s been awhile since we’ve been out to enjoy the Rockies. The Dorans like to take adventurous vacations with lots of biking, horseback riding, white water rafting, and other outdoor activities planned. And while we loved doing all these things five years ago, this time around we had to be a little more low key. (No white water rafting for Charlotte until she’s at least nine months old, we told her.)

But the scenery in Colorado is enough reason to go, even if all you can do it sit outside and look at it.

No, we didn’t just sit outside and look at scenery all week. There was a lot of eating involved. And walking/hiking, strolling through adorable and funky downtown Breckenridge, and listening to Charlotte chatter.

Here she is saying her favorite of the week, “mamamama,” in her toothless old lady way.

I guess I’m getting ahead of myself, because as you just saw, Charlotte had her first banana on the trip. Clearly, she’s less than thrilled about bananas. Here’s another banana-eating video. And before you think it’s weird that her grandpa is holding her this way, his hand was supposed to be her bib, because for some reason, we all thought this was a good idea.

Actually, we tried bananas again on the car ride home, and she ate them all. Just as I was finishing my celebratory dance and cheers, she threw them all up. Do you want to see a picture? (Yes, of course I took one.) It’s not too gross because they look exactly the way they looked before she ate them. Exactly. In fact, maybe she was just storing them in her cheeks the whole time I was feeding her, just waiting for me to look away so that she could spit them out.

I don't like these in me, and I don't like them on me.

Again, I’ve gotten ahead of myself. We didn’t just eat (and throw up) bananas on this trip. On Tuesday we all rode a bus further up the mountain to a huge lodge that had tons of fun outdoor activities, like giant, curvy slides that you ride down in sleds, a mountain roller coaster, miniature golf, and tubing (in the snow!). It was all very expensive ($15 a ride, sheesh), so Chris and I were expecting to choose one or two things then spend the rest of the afternoon sitting with Ben and Christine on the patio with a few drinks. However, just as we got off the bus, a man thrust four free day passes in my hands before getting on the bus to leave the park. What a lucky break for our wallets! Spencer, Trevor, Chris, and I all got to ride anything we wanted, as often as we wanted, for as long as we were there! Weeee!

Spencer and Trevor pumped to ride the mountain coaster

The lifts taking people up the mountain to the top of the slide

This was actually my first time riding a ski lift. I still don’t want to ski, but I’d ride the lifts all day.

Charlotte was a good little sproutling and hung out with Grandpa and Christine all afternoon on the patio, people watching. She also took a sip of water from a straw. It was a big day.

A few other things Charlotte did in her ninth state:

Sat on the counter.

Played with a bottle of Tylenol.

Got a new hat to protect her face from the strong, mountain sun.

And met her Godmother, Jen(n)!

Jen(n) has been my friend since kindergarten. She moved to Denver last September, and we were dying for her to meet Sprout. While the family went rafting for the day, Jen(n) drove up to spend the afternoon with me and Charlotte. It was glorious. I miss my friend. 😦 Good thing I get to see her in two weeks for the baptism! Charlotte is very happy that someone she knows will be holding her while the strange man in a gown pours water on her head.

So, we’re home now…for a week. Then it’s off to Glen Ellyn for Bremer-family reunion where Charlotte will not only meet tons of relatives I rarely get to see, but also meet her Great-grandma, Kiki! We’re very excited.

Thanks again to Ben and Christine for a fun-filled family vacation! We feel very lucky to get to take Charlotte all over the country to spend time with family. She’s had a lot of grandparent bonding time this past week and a half, and I think it’s safe to say that she officially knows (or can recognize) who all her grandparents are. In our little baby world, that’s big stuff.


2 responses to “They’re White Mountains, Your Majesty

  1. Looked like a lot of fun Katy! Glad you guys are home safe. πŸ™‚

  2. Are we sure she’s not my baby? I’ve never seen someone hate bananas as much as me. πŸ™‚

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