Game Over

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. O’Dell!

Congratulations to Chris’s mother, Amy, and her new husband, Bob, who got married this past Saturday, June 18th! Amy looked beautiful, and Bob maintained the groom role perfectly – he was her perfect accessory. ( 🙂 ) 

Chris, Charlotte, Buddy, and I went out to Amy and Bob’s place in Kelley (a tiny little town near Ames, Iowa) on Friday, had dinner with the extended family, watched a waitress drop chocolate mousse on Grandma Margaret’s head (Don’t worry; her hair turned out great the next day.), and had a blast the nest day at the wedding.

Saturday was a long day for Sprout, but she was the ultimate trooper. She was passed around from stranger to stranger the entire day/night (with Mom and Dad out of sight sometimes), missed out on all her naps, yet never shed a single tear.  Charlotte, you’ve set very high standards for future baby(ies?) Doran.

Didn’t she look pretty in pink?

Charlotte with her cousin, Bridget and Great-grandma Margaret (Try to ignore the horrible red eye)

A Williams-Goltermann-O'Dell-Doran family photo (Wow, that's a lot of last names for not that many people! 🙂 )

Our lil family

Charbaby with Uncle Mikey

A cutting-the-cake kiss (Bob's shirt says "Game Over," haha!)

Charlotte (and family)  is very happy for her Grandma Amy!

Now we are in Breckenridge, CO, until Saturday morning with Grandpa Ben and family. We made the 12.5 hour drive yesterday (Charlotte was perfect, surprise, surprise.), and we’re enjoying the beautiful scenery and Colorado adventures. I’m a little behind on my posting, but I’ll be sure to update our vacation highlights sometime this week!

P.S. Happy birthday, Grandpa Ben! Charlotte thanks you for the carrot stick this afternoon.


2 responses to “Game Over

  1. LOOOVVVEEE that Family picture. So cute and perfect! See you guys when you get back. Maybe some Tennis for the boys again. Have a safe trip!

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