My Little Sweet Potato

Charlotte’s tummy got a squishy, orange surprise today. That’s right, for the first time she ate something besides Mama’s Milk – sweet potato! And the best part: she looooooved it! I was told that the first time babies eat, a lot of the food tends to just dribble out their mouths since eating from a spoon is so different from sucking. Charlotte, however, slurped it all down like an old pro. She didn’t want to share even a speckle of sweet potato goodness with her chin or bib, thank you very much. Probably this is because she is over six months old now, and she was just plain ready to gobble down some solids. I suspected she’d do pretty well since she had no problem drinking a sip of my milk off of a hard spoon that was way too big for her on Friday before we left for DePauw.

I’m just so glad she liked her sweet potato today. I decided upon a sweet potato for her first solid a couple of weeks ago because 1) it is a vegetable, 2) it is a very tasty vegetable, and 3) it is a super healthy vegetable. Hopefully this is the beginning of a life-long love of vegetables (hopefully). I wasn’t really measuring what I gave her, but I think it was between an eighth and a fourth of a cup.

My camera battery was so low (due to taking a thousand photos earlier for her six month photo shoot – coming soon!), but I managed to get a few pictures and very short video before it died.

So, without further ado, into the high chair she goes!

This is my "you told me to smile" face.

I'm excited, and I don't even know why yet!

Sometimes I wave my arms just because I can.

What is this? I want it!

Wait, you're actually putting this in my mouth?

This stuff is squishy...

...but I love it! More please!

We’ll have sweet potato for a few more days and then try something new. I’m thinking pear, or maybe I’ll try adding some applesauce right in with the sweet potato. Or should I stick with vegetables and go with peas? Hmm, so many options. (Anyone else picturing Deb from Napoleon Dynamite?) Who knew that mashed up food could be so much fun?


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