I Will Survive, Hey Hey

Well, we did it. We survived our first weekend away from Charlotte. Actually, we did more than survived; we had a great time. This is not to say that we didn’t miss her like crazy (we did for sure) or that we didn’t cry when we said goodbye on Friday (well, Chris didn’t), but we managed to enjoy our time at DePauw with old(ish) friends. Returning to Greencastle felt both like we’d never left and like we’ve been gone forever. So much is the same (Obviously. It’s only been five years.), but it wouldn’t be DePauw if there wasn’t fifty 0r so million dollars worth of campus changes. But considering tuition increases two thousand every year and this year’s 50 year reunion class donated 5.2 million alone, I guess DePauw can afford a few “little” expenditures every year.

Anyway….we stopped by all the old digs. I took a picture in front of my freshman dorm room (but they are on Helen’s camera), and Jenny and I got a million shots together in Kappa, most of which are terrible.

Like this one:

This one:

Ok, photographer, we're not even looking!

And this one:

Before we left Kappa, I took a picture of my brick in the basement. Isn’t it great?

We also visited “Fits and Starts” (aka Glambi) at it’s home in Peeler Art Center. I decided to reenact the “scandal of ’05” with our new license plate cover.

In case you have no idea what I'm doing, I'm "sawing off the deer's antlers." Someone actually did this in the middle of the night (drunk, of course) when I was a senior.

Later, Chris and I went to the nature park to get a picture at the spot where we got engaged on my birthday, 2006.

So, yes, we had a good time at DePauw this weekend, but there’s really nothing like coming home.

Kisses for baby

According to Mom, Dad, and Mimi, Charlotte was an angel all weekend. Pretty much my entire family came over to visit her, and she she got to spend quality time with her Grammy, Grandpa, and uncles John and Joe. On Sunday night, Charlotte and I played copycat out on the deck.

Now, we’re really home, relaxing in preparation for our busy weekend and following week — Amy and Bob’s wedding and Colorado! And tomorrow, we’re finally going to take her 6 month photos. This time I promise.


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