I’m Sorry to Report…

…there are no six month photos to share today — Charlotte was too crabstastic. She wanted to be held pretty much all day. She whined and cried and only reluctantly smiled. She was not her usual happy self. Since I’d rather not have a series of Charlotte frowning pictures, I decided to postpone the photo shoot. That’s okay; everyone’s entitled to a bad day once and a while. Today actually made me feel lucky that I rarely have to deal with a fussy baby. (My next baby will probably be her opposite. Isn’t that how it works? 🙂 ) 

Chris and I spent the day cleaning and doing some house projects before we leave for our DePauw reunion this weekend. And let me tell you, dusting and vacuuming with a baby strapped in front of you is a WORKOUT. Whew. I was sweatin’.

Also, I’ve been looking and looking for some (inexpensive) new curtains for our family room to no avail. Nothing jumps out at me for the price I’m willing to pay. So, tonight I decided I’m going to try to paint the curtains we already have. I might try horizontal stripes, like these:

Or maybe I’ll create a fun stencil. This shape perhaps?

Our curtains right now are faux suede, in a pretty boring light sand color.

Has anyone tried painting fabric before?


One response to “I’m Sorry to Report…

  1. I think I have the same curtains. I know we have the same burgundy/gold curtains, but I also have sand color faux suede curtains!!

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