A 21st Century Gift

Charlotte is six months old today! This is her biggest, most important birthday to date (in my head, at least). I think about how much how much she’s grown and changed and learned since I had her on December 7th. She went from being this tiny, helpless, sleepy creature that couldn’t communicate beyond a basic cry, to a happy little person with a developing personality. She can laugh, play with “toys,” sit up, show affection, and tell us what she wants and needs (nonverbally, of course). She even knows how to whine. I’m so proud.

However, I know the next six months will be even more monumental. She’ll learn to crawl, stand, walk, TALK, and even grow longer hair! Just thinking about how much she’ll be learning, both physically and mentally, makes me feel like an underachiever. But then I remember I did all this, too. It’s like I tell my seventh graders when they ask why I (teacher) don’t have to do assignment x, y, or z for homework, too: I’ve already done all this; I passed 7th grade. And I walked ten miles up hill in the snow to school. Both ways.

Chris and I were thinking and thinking about what to get Sprout for her birthday. Chris came up with the perfect 21st century gift. Here she is, using it to compose her first email.

"hey brooke walker! when r u gonna b born? luv u, charlotte"

This is the look she gave me when I reminded her to use capital letters:

Were you reading over my shoulder?! Can't a girl get a little privacy around here?

She decided she didn’t need the shift key, so she pulled it out. She also discovered that she could type a lot faster if she recruited her foot to work the touch pad. Our little genius.

Tomorrow I am going to take her 6 month photos, so check back!


2 responses to “A 21st Century Gift

  1. Brittany Walker

    Don’t worry Charlotte, your new long distance BFF will be here on Sunday(ish)! Happy half-birthday!

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