Calm, Cool, Collected

On the last day of school at my junior high (which was yesterday), there is a school party for the last hour and a half of the day. It’s actually a really fun party, too, with karaoke, movies, jousting, sports, Bingo, DDR, face painting, and snow cones. And, at the end, a firetruck comes and sprays the kids outside with the hose. They love it. The teachers supervise in one way or another (I worked the karaoke station), and some even bring their own kids. Well, I jumped right on that bandwagon and brought Charlotte back to school with me after lunch. She met about a hundred new faces. Kids were all over her — touching her fingers and feet, holding her hands, ooohing and ahhing, trying to make her smile/laugh, asking to hold her (I said, “Not today.”), and just generally invading both Charlotte and my personal space.

Thirty minutes into the party I was getting pretty sick of feeling someone else’s breath on my neck (no, not literally), but I grit my teeth and stole frequent trips to bathroom to “wash the baby’s hands.” Charlotte, however, showed no affect. She was totally fine with all the new faces and voices and off-key singing in the background. She was actually pretty happy about it all, smiling and cooing right back at the ooglers. When my arms started to ache from holding her, my friend and fellow LA teacher, Anna, took her from me to her sitting-down post (door duty) out in the hall for thirty-ish minutes. I came in to check on her every ten minutes or so, and she was happy as can be. When does the fear of strangers typically kick in? Seven, eight months? It certainly hasn’t yet for Charlotte. But I am glad she’s able to handle new and potentially overwhelming situations so calmly and nonchalantly. This is yet another affirmation that my baby is perfect.

So while yesterday was the last day of school, today was my last day of work. Packing up my room and organizing was so much easier than it was last year (since I didn’t have to go through another teacher’s old stuff). It was glorious. Very, very hot in my un-airconditioned classroom, but glorious because it was the last day.

After work, Chris took this picture of me expressing my excitement for summer:

Then we took this picture of us in the mirror:

Too dark. Try again.

Then we took 100 pictures of Charlotte.

My round-faced little cookie.

Who's coming up to play with me?

It's Buddy!

He's sitting on my lap! And he has this funny wiggly thing that I keep trying to grab. It only he'd stop moving it so fast!

I'm not very ladylike.

These people do crazy things to make me smile. But it works!

Isn’t she delightful?


One response to “Calm, Cool, Collected

  1. You guys are adorable!

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