Merry-Go-Round Merriment

Chris and I were out running errands when he remembered his softball team was going to practice at City Park this evening. Since City Park is between where we were and where we live, I decided to just stick around while he practiced.

Let me tell you a little bit about City Park. 1) It’s huge. 2) It’s lovely. 3) Most of it was flooded back in ’08. 4) It’s since been revived. 5) It’s awesome. 

There are wind-y, paved paths that run along the river, hills and pretty greenery, softball fields, open fields, more wooded areas, an outdoor Shakespeare theater, a skateboarding park, and best of all, a mini amusement park for the young’uns.

This is the only picture I could find online.

Besides the carousel, there is a miniature Ferris wheel, an airplane ride, and a rocket ride. The last two basically do the same thing, which is go around in a circle, but I think one of them also goes up and down. The point is, it’s adorable. Charlotte loved watching both the colorful rides and the laughing/squealing kids. For almost thirty minutes we just stood there like creepy people, staring at all the children play.

At this point in time, it is so hard for me to imagine Charlotte as a little girl. When I try, I usually just picture this random, generic child, usually with light blond pigtails, running around. But I didn’t formulate this image off of her, because how could I? She doesn’t even have hair yet. (Actually, she does. It’s just short and hard to see.) Will she even have light hair? (I’m thinking maybe not.) And, more importantly, will she even like carnival rides? Well, she does for now at least. 

I was thinking the whole time that I wished I had my camera so I could prop her on one of the horses or something so I can later show her how young she was when she went to her first carnival. She’d probably just try to eat the horse’s ear though. Oh well, we’ve got all summer for pictures….which, by the way, begins in two days at 2:00!


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