I Think I Might Have a Rambling Problem

Being the last day of May, I am thinking about how busy and exciting it’s been for us in the Doran home. April and May both, really. In the past two months, I believe we’ve had two weekends where we were neither traveling nor having visitors at our house. TWO. At some point in April it hit me that we would be busy just about every weekend through July 10 (Charlotte’s baptism). We’ve never been this popular in our lives.

But really, these past months have been so exciting because this is a really fun time in Charlotte’s development. She laughs and giggles when we’re funny (like when I pretend to bite her cheeks or when Chris blows on her stomach), squeals and sings in such a cute, high-pitched little girl voice, smiles at everyone just because she’s always happy, reaches for faces and hair and anything you might have in your hand (especially if it’s her favorite color, red), and loves to put everything in mouth just to see how it tastes. I never thought Charlotte could get more fun, since I’ve always thought she was about the funnest thing ever, even when all she did was lay there and sleep. However, her level of fun-ness has definitely increased by an order of magnitude. (Chris says that all the time. I’m not even really sure what it means.) Does this mean it’s going to keep getting more and more fun forever???*  I think I just might swell up with smiles and burst.

Anyway, we spent our last weekend in May with family yet again, and it was perfect. My mom came on Saturday, which I always love. Having your mom visit is great because you never feel like you have to entertain or clean up too perfectly (even though I always do because I’m anal). You can just enjoy the weekend together. Mom even helped Chris with some painting on Sunday while I graded and Charlotte napped.

On Monday, Ben and Pat (Grandpa and Great-grandma) drove out for the day and the five of us had a little Memorial Day cookout on our ugly patio (yet another project on our ever-growing to-do list). Charlotte got really cozy on Grandpa’s lap in the heat.

Then she learned all about ketchup from Great-grandma Pat. (Have I ever mentioned that Charlotte has the cutest great-grandmothers in the world? It’s true.)

And gave Grammy her “until next time” hug.

After everyone left, Chris and I stayed up way too late watching a movie. But that’s okay if I’m tired this week at work because it’s my LAST ONE!!

And one more thing. We are almostbutnotquite done painting our family room. Things take a bit longer when there is a small human that you have to pay attention to. Also, we are going to build some shelves to place in a nook that’s between two cabinets. Since we imagine that will take about two day it will probably take five. I’ll post pictures when it’s all done. Get excited…..Actually, don’t. It’s not the most exciting room, to be honest. Oh, but we do have some new art! So, yes, get excited.

*That’s a hypothetical question. I teach seventh grade, remember.


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