Profiles and Priming

I love this profile.

No, I'm not doing anything I'm not supposed to be doing...

You know what else I love? Finally painting the last room in our house – our family room. You know the backdrop to so many of the picture I post here? You can see it in the picture above, in fact. Just say it: It’s ugly. We know, and we agree. So, we are saying sayonara to the dark wood paneling and konnichiwa to something a lot brighter and more updated. Since taking down the paneling was not a project that we wanted to tackle again (we did it three years ago in the kitchen), we’re just painting over it. But we know from experience that that looks nice, too (there is one wall of paneling in our living room). Here’s a photo of the room, priming in progress.

Yay! Luna's here for a visit!

So, very soon there will be a much better backdrop to our photos and videos. And even better, we can officially say we’ve re-done EVERY SINGLE room in our house. Boo ya.


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