Nerd Alert

Charlotte loves to pull Chris’s glasses off his face. Tonight we thought we’d let her try them on. Results: Immediate excitement, fascination…

I want to be just like my daddy!

…and an inability to see. (These are no reading glasses, folks. Chris wears some serious specs.)

Mommy, is that you? Where am I?

I realized that I didn’t have the flash working properly, which is why the pictures came out unfocused. We tried a few re-d0s, but the glasses lost their luster and someone wouldn’t keep them on. We just got plain ole cute smiley shots.

I can see clearly now the rain - er, glasses are gone.

Oh well, the blurry ones are kinda fitting, don’t you think?

Here’s one more. We call this “Charlotte in 90 Years.”

See, she's got the walker, the glasses, no hair, no teeth...hopefully her skin stays this nice!


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