Famous Last Words

I was so productive with my time today that I really must share.

First off, I went to work. I teach 7th grade and go to bed way too late at night, so usually I come home exhausted and devote the rest of my day to laziness. But Mondays I have to go to the doctor, and since Chris is finally done teaching lab for the semester, I asked pleaded begged guilted him into coming with me to “keep me company in the car.” I believe my exact words were, “Please, I miss seeing her (Charlotte) ALL day and I just CAN’T IMAGINE spending any more time away from her today. And I love it when you’re there, even though you’re just in the waiting room because it makes me feel less lonely somehow. And also it makes me excited to get out and see you two waiting for me. PUH-LEASE??” Doesn’t that sound all nice and pathetic? Even more pathetically, it’s the truth – I do think those things…

Point being, Chris and Charlotte came along, and afterward, we swung back home to pick up Buddy, stopped at Target and Kohls (to buy baby stuff, like diapers and Ministar shoes, and Mommy stuff, like a new hat), hiked for an hour and a half at Squire’s Point, picked up a few groceries on the way home, and easily put the baby to bed AWAKE. 

In sum, I made money, did some health stuff, got shopping done, exercised myself and my dog, gave the baby some outdoor time, got to talk to Chris about topics besides work, the house, and the baby, and didn’t have to deal with tears at bedtime (which has become her new habit as of the past couple of weeks).

Gimme a V, dot the I, curl the C…..

…You should know how stupid I looked on this hike though. I was still wearing my work clothes, which was a polo and a cardigan, and a yellow pair of capris that I have a really hard time keeping from sagging down. When we got to the parking lot of Squire’s Point, I tossed off my heels and put on a pair of socks with my gym shoes. So yes, I looked like one of those women walking downtown Chicago in their pantyhose/skirt/sneaker combo. And since I said my pants were annoyingly saggy today, I decided to tuck all my shirts in and pull them up really high around my waist to hopefully keep them up. I figured Squire’s Point is wooded and pretty remote; I’ll never see anyone I know. Cue a car pulling into the lot across from ours. Cue a co-worker getting out. Cue the Oh hi Katy! Cue the introduction to his girlfriend and a ten minute conversation about our dogs, work, etc. Cue parting ways. Cue me telling Chris how I must have looked really dorky. Cue him agreeing. Then he said, “Eh, you’re married and a mom. You don’t have to impress anyone anymore.” End scene. 

*UPDATE*    After reading this post, Chris swears he did not say the mom part of that last quote. I swear he did. By default, we agree to disagree. Also, he thinks this makes him look bad, but I told him our faithful readers (who are basically just our moms) will surely take it all in good humor.


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