A Couple New Firsts

Today was the first really hot day in Charlotte’s life. It’s always weird to say things like that – the first in Charlotte’s life – because how many of us actually know many of our own random firsts? If I didn’t have this blog, I’d never make note of this, so I guess Charlotte is going to have an onslaught of trivial information about her babyhood to sift through when she gets older. Maybe she’ll think it’s great or maybe she won’t. I happen to think it’s great, if you haven’t noticed.

Okay, I’ll get to the point.

Hot days equals cute summer clothes! And in the spirit of firsts, Charlotte wore her first true summer outfit today. Isn’t she cute? I’m obsessed with her thighs.

Sticking my tongue out is my new favorite way to smile.

Bare feet make me happy!

Just call me Miss Prim and Proper.

Just kidding. Call me Miss Giggles instead.

On our way to Menards, hoping to save big money.


One response to “A Couple New Firsts

  1. Love these pictures!

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