Our Mom-entous Weekend

We headed to Glen Ellyn this past Friday for the weekend so that Charlotte could (finally!) meet her great-grandma Margaret and great-grandpa Carl. They had been in Florida all winter (luckeeee) and just returned to G.E. the week before. Traveling home for the weekend also gave me the perfect opportunity to spend my first Mothers’ Day with my mommy and grandma on Sunday, but more on that later.

Charlotte snoozed passed out while I packed on Friday afternoon.

Let’s check her out from another angle:

Mommy, did you spike your breastmilk with tequila*

Margaret and Carl were very excited to meet the little girl on Friday night. She stayed up until ten o’clock and never even let out a cry. According to the great-grandparents, she’s even cuter in real life than in pictures. Imagine that. 🙂

I just met you, but I love you already!

On Saturday, Great-Grandma bought Charlotte the dress she’ll wear for her baptism in July. It’s a pale yellow and white striped sundress. Tres cute. She also got the most adorable blue knit hat that she wore to dinner that night. Some people at the restaurant clapped when we walked by their booth, which is a little strange, but sweet, too, I suppose.

On Sunday morning, Charlotte met her great-uncle Chris, who drove up from Decatur to spend the day with Margaret. Here’s a family photo of the bunch (minus yours truly, the photographer).

The Williams, Dorans, and Goltermanns

I think this one is great, too:

I love my family!

At my parents house that afternoon, Charlotte sat on her first Harley. First with Grammy and Grandpa:

Who would ever ask for a pony?? I'm asking for a Harley!

Then with Grandpa and Mommy:

I'll take a pink one with with a white seat and a bell...

Charlotte also got to spend time with her other great-grandma, Gigi, two of her great aunts, Beth and Amy, and her cousin, Stephanie.

Snuggles in the sun with Gigi

See her new blue hat on the table? I told you it was cute.

I had a wonderful first Mothers’ Day weekend, and I’m so glad that Margaret and Carl finally got to meet Charlotte. Charlotte is so lucky to have all her great-grandmothers alive and well. Now, she only needs to meet Kiki in California and she’ll know them all. Hopefully soon, Kiki! We can’t wait!

Charlotte was SO EXHAUSTED after our busy weekend, she conked out in her car seat before we turned the corner off of my street. Once we were home it was off to bed and then sleeping in late this morning. I’m envious.

Oh, the one mishap of the weekend:

No, I'm not too big for these thankyouverymuch. They're just cheap.

Oh well. She’d grow out of them in a month anyway.

*For those of you who don’t know when I’m joking, I’m joking.


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