Charlotte who?

Chris and I rarely call Charlotte by her name. We love her name, but it’s much more interesting to give her obscure nicknames. And I happen to be a master at doling out weird ones. For example, I used to call my youngest brother, Joe, Umpus Buckus. It means nothing. He hated it. I laughed my head off calling him that. Chris, Buddy, and Luna have their fair share as well (Dar, Boo-ba, and Lunabelle respectively, to name a few).

Without further ado, these are some of the nicknames I have lovingly bestowed upon our darling daughter (so far!):

Sprout, Sproutling, and Sprouty

Little Pea and Baby Pea

Little One

Peanut Butter Girl

Punkin Pie


Cheeser and Cheesey

Bit, Little Bit, and Bit Bit (remember Britney Spear’s chihuahua anyone?)

Little Bit Can’t Be Wrong (yes, spoken all together as one name. I’m weird.)

Fus (pronounced foos) – This is derived from a combination of fuss and the German matching game, Husker Du.

Fus-er and Fus-ey

Chubby Cheekers, Char-ley Barley, and Chaka (from Daddy)

Smunchkin, Smunchie, and Smunch

Nicknames, even silly ones, are terms of endearment. I guess we love her a lot.


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