15th Time’s a Charm?

One of my favorite things about this stage in Charlotte’s life is that she can show us with her smiles and laughter how happy she is. There is nothing more genuine than a baby’s smile. And there’s no faking it with them either – if you make weird noises and dance for them in grocery stores and they laugh at you, you know they think you’re funny. If not, then you try something else. I find that I’ll do anything to make her laugh, no matter where we are.

So anyway, yesterday she was sitting in the car seat we keep in the house (I know, weird), and she was flashing me the biggest smiles. Her lips were practically touching her ears she was smiling so big. She looked uh-dorable.

Naturally, I grabbed the camera. She kept smiling, smiling, smiling, but something about that red light and the flash throw her off every time. This is what I got:

Cute, but not her super-grin. I could do better, I thought. So I tried again.

Hmmmm, okay, one more try.

Darn that red light! Split seconds after the pictures were taken, she’d break out that big smile again, but as soon as the next flash began, she’d give me a face like this:

But I’m a persistent son-of-a-gun, and I was going to to get that face on camera gosh darn-it. Even if it took me eleven more tries….

Okay, maybe that first one was pretty good after all.

Today, Charlotte made it up to me by letting me capture this face (yes, same seat, same pjs). I call it her cheesey smile, and I always squeal “cheeeeeser” when I see it.


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