I won the professional lottery!!

Did my title get your attention? Well, get ready, because I’ve got some good news for the Doran family:

I have a job next year!!! The school board voted in a last minute decision to figure out a way to cut spending in other areas so that the district wouldn’t have to cut 22 full time positions. This is great news not only because I (and 22 others) will not lose my job for next year, but also because class sizes would be huge if they had to let teachers go. My classes are large already, with nearly 30 students in each section. With the loss of a teacher in our department as well as enrollment increasing as it is, I can’t even imagine how tough that would be on everyone. (Actually, I can imagine it. Clearly. And it ain’t pretty.)

And, as if finding out that I still have a source of income next year isn’t great enough, I actually also got promoted to full time (I am currently 80%, or 7 out of 8 class periods)! This will help my seniority for future potential layoffs and my bank account. I will miss going home 45 minutes early to spend QT with the sprout, but this extra money might mean Chris and I may be able to retire someday, or send Charlotte to college. Or surprise her with a trip to Disney World like those people in the commercials. These all weigh heavily on the “do it” side of the scale. So, yes, I can deal with an extra 45 minutes away from home. Plus, work is just a few steps out the front door. Yes, literally just a few steps. I have the best commute of all time.


One response to “I won the professional lottery!!

  1. Yay! Congrats!! We will celebrate!

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