Yesterday was both Easter and my birthday. I called it My Birtheasterday. It’s the first time Easter has ever been on my birthday (well, the first time in 28 years at least). I’ve never been one to get very excited about my own birthday (except maybe number 21 🙂 ), but this year I was because 1) it shared the day with Charlotte’s first Easter and 2) my parents came to town to celebrate with us!

We took a walk around the Coralville Reservoir on Saturday afternoon, followed by dinner at one of our local faves. My mom has a couple cute picture of us at the Reservoir, so once she figures out how to upload and send them to me (hehe), I’ll add them.

On Sunday, Mom and I took a long walk with Buddy, while Dad and Chris took Charlotte on a short walk to the Hardware store. We lunched at home, then headed out in search of Chris’s and my birthday gift – a new grill! We’d been grilling with a Weber Lil’ Smokey, which is approximately the size of a plate. I gave that grill to Chris for his birthday three years ago when I thought we were going to move into a small condo with a tiny balcony, but then we moved into a house with a decent sized patio, and Lil’ Smokey suddenly seemed even Lil’ler. This is the grill we chose:

We like it because it has easy-to-clean/operate burners, it’s super portable for tailgating, storing, traveling, etc., and because it’s cute and red. Also, it was on sale. (I do love my bargains.) We’re excited to fire it up and roast some portabellas! (Come on, warm weather, we’re waiting!) Thank you, Mom and Dad!

Here is the only picture I snapped of Charlotte on birtheasterday. I decided it wasn’t too late to digitally document her first Easter even though she was sleeping.

I was wearing my cute Easter bunny pjs, but I spit up all over them. Oh well, I look cute in anything.

And here she is today with a few of her Easter spoils: a fun spinny seat thing-a-ma-bob from Grammy and a soft bunny from Gigi.

I'm not sure how fun this thing is yet, but it sure does taste good!

Whoa, bright light!

I love my stuffed animals now. They are soft and chewy like Mrs. Field's cookies, but I wouldn't know that because I don't eat cookies yet.

Thank you to everyone who made my birtheasterday extra special! I feel quite loved and especially lucky.


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