Lovely Little Lap Time

Finally, home from work.

We missed each other.

Speaking of work, the district has postponed the decision about staff reductions until the next board meeting next week. For those of you I haven’t spoken with, my school district is facing major budget cuts this year (thanks to our new governor…yes, I blame him), which means that despite an increased enrollment, about 22 jobs need to be cut. This has been happening in other states for a few years now, but we’ve been lucky until now to have a state government that truly supports education. And by support I mean not just say you support it, but actually support it, meaning pay for it. Anyway, as a new teacher with no seniority, I could be one of the first to go. The good thing is, the district is doing everything it can to keep as many of us teachers around as possible, which may include dipping into some savings. Either way, I’ll know by April 3o (legally, that is the last day before our contracts automatically renew), so here’s hoping I can avoid the man with the pink slips until then. Maybe I’ll just go into hiding for the next week.


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