27 years ago today…

…Christopher Andrew Doran was welcomed to this world. All 10 pounds 7 ounces of him.

Remember this picture?

In 27 years I'm going to have a very cute daughter!

Because it’s his birthday, I have an excuse to publicly proclaim some of the many reasons why I love this guy.

1. The amount of patience he has could fill the Grand Canyon. (Except when it comes to bad drivers, then it might only fill a thimble. But we’ll let that go.)

2. He is selfless and kind. I don’t think he has a selfish bone in his body. Not even one of those tiny ones you have in your hands.

3. He’s there for you (me) when you (I) need him. Even if you (I) need him a lot, which you might (I do).

4. He has the best smile and a great laugh.

5. When he loves somebody, he shows it.

6. He’s taken on the roll of Dad like an old pro. He’s nurturing, helpful, and oh so sweet with our little girl.

7. He has really great hair.

8. He’s made me a very lucky and happy wife!

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Katy, Charlotte, Buddy, and Luna love you tons!

Oh, and the mice in the ceiling, too. They say thanks for being so unsuccessful at trapping them.


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