Little Chickie

Amy and Bob visited us this weekend for Chris’s birthday to see Charlotte. We had dinner last night at one of our favorite restaurants, Mondo’s, and lunch this afternoon at another favorite, Lou Henri. We also opened birthday gifts. Charlotte got a couple of cute new outfits and her first swimsuit. Chris got an old football card of his great uncle Jim Doran (who played for the Detroit Lions), and we both got matching Mom and Dad mugs (I broke mine in with some java right away). But the best gift was a photo book of Charlotte’s first months. It’s very sweet because not only does it have tons of our favorite pictures of our favorite girl, but it reads like a little story of her life. I just know she will LOVE hearing this “story” over and over when she gets a bit older. I read it to her tonight before bed, but all she wanted to do was eat. Little piggy.

At the bottom, it says, "It really is all about me!"

Thank you Amy and Bob!

What else did we do today?

Charlotte had a great time napping on Grandma this afternoon….

You don't mind holding me like this all night, do you? Oh, and just so you know, there'll be no sitting on the job please.

…and Buddy enjoyed napping with Bob’s shins…

Look quick! Buddy is relaxing!

Later this afternoon, Chris volunteered with the physics department at a local elementary school carnival. I decided that Charlotte and I would tag along. I had a feeling she’d like to watch the hubbub (such a great word). Boy was I right. Elementary school carnivals = baby crack. Is that inappropriate? Okay, baby eye candy. Charlotte was smiling at everyone and thrilled to be taking it all in.

Then we went to Target and spent a lot of money. Figures.

And finally, we ended the night in a chick hat on the changing table:

*Prepare yourself for a series of heart-stoppingly cute photos*

Has your heart stopped yet? Because mine has, like seven times. Here’s one more:

Get excited for tomorrow night because I’m finally going to post pictures of Charlotte’s nursery! I’ve finished some things that I’ve wanted to get done since, um, before she was born. Go me.


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  1. AHHHHHHH!! I need to kiss her!!

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