Since this blog has essentially become her baby book, I can’t forget to share Charlotte’s little “isms.”

Pretty much since she was born, Charlotte will put her hands up to her face when she’s tired and about to fall asleep. The cutest part about this is that her palms face up, which gives her the “woe is me” look. And because a picture is worth much more than my attempt to describe this habit, here are a couple, taken yesterday.

So sweet. I hope she does this forever.

Eventually, her hands float down away from her face. When she's in bed, her arms end up straight out and slightly up. Kind of like Jesus on the cross...

Is it just me, or is that not the most adorable thing??


2 responses to “Charlotte-ism

  1. It’s not just you….IT IS ADORABLE!!

  2. It is so adorable.

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