Lucky Year Seven

‘Twas the night before Easter (2004)

and all through the Kappa House

two creatures were on their first date

and (this is where the rhyming ends) their names were Katy and Chris.

Actually, there were three of us, because my friend Helen was watching Joy Ride with us in the informal living room. But then she left and Chris and I listened to about every song I had downloaded on my computer back then (this was back in the good ole days of easy free downloads). He liked my taste in music, he liked me, and I liked him. We became inseparable. We got married. I would say it was a whirlwind.

Happy 7 year “real” anniversary, Chris! I love you!


2 responses to “Lucky Year Seven

  1. Ok I realize this is weird but since you brought you guys up…I remember seeing you in the foyer one time and you were telling Chris that you wanted him to make sure to have excellent dental care because you read that poor oral hygiene could lead to alzheimers, and you didn’t want that for you guys.

    I was shocked that you could be so confident that you’d be together at alzheimer’s age, and I looked forward to when I’d have someone to remind about the importance of brushing and flossing. Incidentally, I married the son of a dentist, so, that worked out.

    Anyway happy anniversary, loved watching you then and so glad you’re where you are now!


    • That made me laugh out loud, Kristi! Thanks for sharing! I don’t remember that conversation, but that is something I so would say. When I met Chris, he was a member of the “cavemen didn’t do it, so it can’t really be that important” camp. Good thing I came into his life. 🙂

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