Cheesey goodness

We had bee-utiful weather here this weekend so we took full advantage and spent a lot of time outdoors. My mom and brother Joe came to town, and while Joe spent his days and nights like a true college freshman with some friends, Mom, Charlotte, and I did some walking, shopping, and dining. We found some great deals on cute tops and sunglasses, and Chris got a free meal and appetizer at dinner because they brought him the wrong dish. Gotta love saving money!

Here I am with my mom and our favorite little girl:

Today it was around 80 degrees, so Charlotte got to play outside sleeve and sock free for the first time. I loved seeing her little toes out in the open. One thing about having a baby in the dead of winter is that you don’t end up seeing enough of their skin as often as I think you should. I am so looking forward to putting her in cute little bloomers so I can squeeze her fat thighs all day long.

Another important moment today – we discovered her first freckle. Can you see it?

It’s very tiny, right next to her pinky knuckle. You might have to squint to see it. If Charlotte is anything like Chris or me (I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that she is), this is only the first of many. We’ll see though.

Only eight more weeks of school until summer vacation! I’m trying not to look too forward to it though because it’s much more important to cherish each today. (Sorry for that cheese.)

P.S. Can someone please help me convince Chris that Charlotte is eating enough. Look at how fat and happy she is! I’ve been unable to convince him that she’s fine all day. He’s a very good concerned Daddy, but it’s starting to drive me nuts. 😛



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