After the doctor, a little suprise

This afternoon I placed Charlotte on her back on her play mat. I stepped into the kitchen (which is connected to our family room) for just a minute or two, and when I came back, this is how I found her:

I was sick of being on my back!

You’re probably thinking, “But didn’t you write about her rolling over for the first time last week?”

Yes, I sure did, because she did roll over on March 29. However, that day she rolled from her stomach to her back, while today she rolled from her back to her stomach. Big difference. These details must be distinguished.

Okay, maybe I’m getting milestone-crazy.

The point is, we’re excited and proud.

Charlotte also had her four month appointment this morning. She had another round of immunizations, and Chris said she cried less than she did the last time (at two months). However, she wailed when she was being weighed and measured. Go figure.

Four month stats: 14 lbs. 10 oz. (75th percentile – down from 90th two months ago!), 24.5 inches (55th percentile). I’m so sorry that I have had to miss these appointments (darn that job!), but I guess I’m glad I haven’t had to see her get poked. Particularly considering I choked up when they pricked her heel in the hospital four months ago…What can I say? Needles and other things that hurt my baby aren’t my cup of tea.


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