A Third of a Year Already

Charlotte is four months old today! Chris and I decided that she’s even more fun now than ever. She’s laughing, rolling (well, trying mostly), making faces, grabbing and touching things, holding out her hand for Buddy to lick, and babbling up a storm. I especially love the way her face lights up when she sees me. She’s like a loyal dog, but better because she’s our baby.

Yesterday I started lifting her up over my head so she could pretend to fly. She loves it. And, from my view below, she looks pretty darn cute.

Beware of dripping drool. It will land on your face.

As a side note, today is the first time that she’s worn that duck shirt without pooping through her diaper and ruining it. Yes, today is a special day indeed. Actually, she hasn’t been blowing out of her diapers much at all for the past month. She went from being a six to a one poop a day kind of girl pretty much over night. Chris and I are very proud.

Okay, back to how cute Charlotte is.

This was her reaction when I told her that Grammy and Uncle Joe will be visiting her tomorrow:

Yay! More people to smile for!


I love you, Charlotte. You make Daddy and I so happy and so proud! Buddy loves you, too. Especially your kissable fingers. Happy Birthday, Sprout!

Love, Mommy


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