OUR car

This is our car:

Well, okay, that’s not our car (ours is much dirtier), but that’s the type of car we have – a 2007 black VW Jetta. We got it in September 2006, and we paid for it with our own money. It’s also my very first car. (Yup, got my first car when I was 23.) It’s a little small now with Charlotte’s car seat, but overall we’ve been pretty happy with Ms. Jetta.

Here’s the best part about our car – as of today, it is fully PAID OFF! That’s right, no more car payments! And we paid it off seven months early! Go us!

In about a week we’ll get the title in the mail. I don’t really care about that though. I’m much more excited about the little bit of extra money we’ll have each month to spend on…well, probably another car.



*image from here


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